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Nutrition Consultations & Programmes

To book appointments with me or ask any questions, please call 07761 768 754 or email penny@nutritionistlondon.co.uk OPTIONS NEW CLIENTS Put an end to your confusion – learn which foods are… Read more »

Menopause and Hormones

HELP FOR THE MENOPAUSEWHAT EVERY WOMAN OUGHT TO KNOW  Is The Menopause An Illness? No, it is definitely not an illness! There is however still a view adopted by… Read more »

Bloating and Gut Problems in Women

Symptoms Do you experience symptoms such as abdominal bloating, painful cramps and spasms, alternating constipation and diarrhoea, acidity, heartburn or a feeling of fullness very soon after eating a small… Read more »

Penny Crowther | Nutritionist London

Mid Life Nutrition Mid Life for women is often a time of fluctuating hormones and changing circumstances. You may start to notice your zest and vitality reducing or become aware… Read more »

Energy and mood

Tired all the time Would you like more energy and to feel more positive about life? Chances are you would. The peri menopause, the phase that starts in your late 30s… Read more »

Work With Me

You are in the right place if you can relate to any of the statements below: You are a woman aged 40+  You already think you eat healthily but you don’t… Read more »