Nutrition Consultations & Programmes

Diet is an extremely powerful tool to change your wellbeing. It will help you stay balanced in the face of huge hormone changes. And post menopause, your diet will influence your health and longevity for the rest of your life! 

Mid life is a time to change your food habits because often you can’t get away with your old habits like you could in your younger years. 

Constant information from the internet can be overwhelming.  It can leave you not taking any action because you don’t know where to start.

Narrowing your focus to a strategy prepared specifically for you can be really helpful. My plans are practical and are designed to fit into your busy schedule.

Ready for lasting results rather than a temporary fix? I have different programme options to suit the level of support you need. To book appointments with me or ask any questions, please call 07761 768 754 or email


  • Initial questionnaire & food diary
  • 3 sessions over 6 weeks
  • Emailed menu plan to address your personal needs
  • Emailed supplement plan to address your personal needs
  • Practical advice that you can put into practice straight away
  • Verbal & written instructions 
  • Advice tailored to YOUR needs only
  • Delicious, hand picked recipes tailored to your needs in terms of  health goals, time available and food preferences 
  • This is for you if you are self motivated, with help from me, to implement changes
  • Optimise your diet for your future wellbeing


  • This is for you if, like many people, you need more support in making changes
  • Includes everything in the Express Programme plus health coaching to help habit change
  • Support with goal setting, implementation of changes
  • Learn about the impact of food (and supplements, if needed) on your how your body works
  • 6 sessions over 9 weeks 
  • Advice delivered in bite size chunks so that you can absorb it at your own pace & make sure change is long term 
  • Step by step approach tailored to your needs 


  • Get the ultimate support to help you make your new healthy habits forever changes
  • Full accountability to help your commitment skyrocket
  • Maybe you’ve tried diet change before & have not been successful
  • If you have blocks around making changes stick this is the programme for you
  • Move forward and get results
  • Work around any obstacles for lasting success
  • 10 sessions over 12 weeks
  • Everything in the above two programmes is included too 
  • A small investment for your future healthy you!


You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire & food diary beforehand. Then we have an in depth, one hour session. You will be provided with a clear strategy to address your specific health goals.  This includes a supplement plan if relevant.



  • 45 minute review & progress check to keep you on track with your health & wellness
  • Includes revised plan if needed
  • Maximum gap between appointments 6 weeks


  • Full review 
  • Includes a supplement plan or a menu plan to target your specific current needs
  • For when you have not seen me for 6 weeks or more
* Existing clients will have had an appointment with me in the last 2 years

Please call 07761 768 754 or email if you have any questions at all or would like make an appointment.

I highly recommend Penny Crowther. I feel so much better. I had tried following diets from books but it didn’t work.”

I would recommend Penny to everyone with my eyes closed, she helped me get my life back! For the first time I feel my age, and healthy, vibrant with oodles of energy and the weight just seems to melt off me.”

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