Nutrition Consultations & Programmes

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  • Put an end to your confusion – learn which foods are making you feel bad and which foods are going to help you feel better
  • Get a practical food plan that you can put in place quickly
  • Feel supported and accountable so that you are able to move forward and get results 
  • Know that you are optimising your diet for the future


  • This is for you if you are self motivated, with help from me, to implement changes 
  • Initial questionnaire & food diary
  • 3 sessions over 8 weeks
  • Emailed menu plan to address your personal needs
  • Emailed supplement plan to address your personal needs
  • Practical advice that you can put into practice straight away
  • Verbal & written instructions 
  • Advice tailored to YOUR needs only
  • Delicious, hand picked recipes tailored to your needs in terms of  health goals, time available and food preferences 


  • This is for you if, like many people, you need more support in making changes. I will hold your hand throughout and give you accountability each step of the way
  • 8 sessions over 12 weeks (4 weekly & 4 bi weekly)
  • Includes everything in the Express Programme above
  • Advice delivered in bite size chunks so that you can absorb it more gradually, work around any obstacles and make sure your transformation is complete!
  • Step by step approach tailored to your needs
  • Health coaching techniques are incorporated into the sessions
  • A small investment for a big transformation!


You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire & food diary beforehand. Then we have an in depth, one hour session. You will be provided with a clear strategy to address your specific health goals.  With the exception of a written supplement plan, all information is verbal. You are welcome to take your own notes though!



  • 45 minute review & progress check to keep you on track with your health & wellness
  • Includes revised supplement plan if needed
  • Coaching & goal setting 
  • Maximum gap between appointments 6 weeks


  • One hour review 
  • Includes a supplement plan or a menu plan to target your specific health needs
  • Coaching & goal setting 
  • For when you have not seen me for 6 weeks or more
* Existing clients will have had an appointment with me in the last 3 years

Please call 07761 768 754 or email if you have any questions at all or would like make an appointment.

I highly recommend Penny Crowther. I feel so much better. I had tried following diets from books but it didn’t work.”

I would recommend Penny to everyone with my eyes closed, she helped me get my life back! For the first time I feel my age, and healthy, vibrant with oodles of energy and the weight just seems to melt off me.”

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