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To book a consultation or my wellness programme, please call 07761 768 754 or email penny@nutritionistlondon.co.uk. OPTIONS NEW CLIENTS Book one of my programmes and I will commit 100 percent to helping… Read more »

Menopause and Hormones

HELP FOR THE MENOPAUSEWHAT EVERY WOMAN OUGHT TO KNOW  Is The Menopause An Illness? No, it is definitely not an illness! There is however still a view adopted… Read more »

IBS and Gut Problems

Nutrition for IBS & Gut Problems Do you experience symptoms such as abdominal bloating, painful cramps and spasms, alternating constipation and diarrhoea, acidity, heartburn or a feeling of fullness very… Read more »

Penny Crowther | Nutritionist London

Mid Life Nutrition The middle years for women are often a time of fluctuating hormones and changing circumstances. You may start to notice your zest and vitality reducing or become… Read more »

Energy and mood

Tired all the time Would you like more energy? Most of us would, particularly as we get older. If you feel persistently tired your GP’s surgery is a good place… Read more »

Work With Me

Do I need nutritional therapy and what is it? If you can relate to any of the statements below, nutritional therapy is for you: You struggle to make lasting changes… Read more »