Surprising Facts About Weight Loss in Menopause

As you probably have found out, gaining weight during the peri menopause is all too easy whilst losing it seems to require a bit more effort than that needed in your younger years. Eat less, eat the right food, exercise more. These factors are certainly important. But there is another element to weight loss that may surprise you. 

Toxins Make You Fat

Our modern environment is awash with a host of chemicals that weren’t around 100 years ago. Food, alcohol, medicines, pollution, toiletries, cleaning products, cosmetics, soft furnishings; the list is endless.

As we get older, it is quite usual for the body to build up a “toxic load” which impacts health and weight.

Detox” and “toxins” are words that we hear a lot in the health and wellness world. They are words that many people in the scientific community can be dismissive and sceptical of

However, there is every reason to take toxins seriously. The science is fast catching up with what health practitioners have been talking about for a long time.

Research is showing that chemical “obesogens” found in medicines and foods and used in industry may alter metabolism and be linked to weight gain.

Different types of obesogens have different effects on the fat cells in the body. Some affect the number of fat cells, others make fat cells larger and some affect hormones that control hunger, satiety, food preferences and energy metabolism.

One of the researchers said  “We were surprised at the number of chemicals that seem to be interacting with signalling pathways involved in weight regulation,”        

When talking about toxins in our environment it is easy to start feeling overwhelmed and helpless. What can you do to get started right now?

detox- weight loss

How to Get Rid of Toxins

Start simple. The most effective way to clear toxins from your body is to build up changes that you can sustain, rather than doing a drastic detox once a year.

Your food is a good place to start and I will get onto that shortly. 

Meanwhile here are some other detox ideas. You don’t need to do them all at once, just pick one at a time!

  • Saunas are great for inducing sweating. Sweat is a great outlet for toxins
  • Epsom salt baths contain magnesium which helps draw out toxins on a cellular level
  • Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system which is the body’s waste disposal system
  • Replacing your household cleaning products with more natural alternatives e.g. Method brand or vinegar based cleaners
  • As above with make up and skincare products e.g. Green People
  • You can use code PC15 to get 15% off all the Green People range
  •  Use essential oils for fragrance instead of artificial perfumes which are a huge source of chemicals
  • Get outside daily for sunshine when it’s available!
  • Deep breathing helps the circulation of blood and lymph and aids detoxification
  • Nutrients; the body needs a lot of nutrients to efficiently detoxify. Two of the most important ones are Magnesium and B Complex  

Meal Plans

Food can be a major source of toxins. “Clean eating” most definitely doesn’t have to boring and unenjoyable eating. On the contrary the type of eating plans I recommend are always full of tasty recipes!

In fact pleasure in food is essential as research has shown that the most benefit comes from healthy food when there is joy in eating it and in the social sharing side of it.

Just get in contact if you would like a new plan or a reboot. With plans, you can either have flexible meal options with recipes or a more prescriptive plan which specifies what you will be eating at each meal for a 2 or 4 week period.