Plant Based Recipes to Boost Calcium in Menopause

Scroll down for some delicious gluten free plant based recipes which will give you a calcium fix. They include 2 main meals, a snack and a smoothie. 

As oestrogen begins to decline in the peri menopausal years, bone density can start to reduce. This bone thinning can be even more dramatic once you have gone through the menopause. 

Calcium along with magnesium is such an important mineral for maintaining healthy bones at any age, but it is absolutely critical in mid life.

Unfortunately many women don’t get enough calcium in their diet. More of us are avoiding dairy foods, often for good reasons. However taking dairy out of the diet completely can leave you with a calcium deficit. This can be easily remedied IF you take a little extra care with your diet and make sure you obtain enough plant sources of calcium. It can be helpful to work with a nutritional therapist, to ensure your calcium intake is adequate. 

Calcium supplements may be necessary. However the calcium needs to be in a form that the body can easily assimilate. It should also be balanced with other nutrients that assist the body in absorbing the calcium.

As with most things related to nutrition, more is not necessarily better. Taking too much calcium can be detrimental as it can be deposited in parts of the body that it shouldn’t be in, such as arteries.

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View and download each recipe below:

Broccoli Almond Protein Salad

This one is good enough for a main meal. It can be served warm or cold depending on the time of year.

Gingerbread Smoothie

A lovely festive smoothie with warming ginger and cinnamon.

Chickpea Flatbread Pizza

Gluten free fans will love this version of a pizza. 

Toasted Trail Mix

This is a great tasting healthy snack. A good alternative to reaching for the chocolate. And each serving contains 152mg calcium!