Help for the menopause – 4 tips to see you thrive


Health guru, Leslie Kenton called the menopause a “passage to power”. I like that description because it suggests a positive time of revaluation, redesigning and finding new purpose in life, rather than a time of loss and ageing. With life expectancy now at an all time high, many women have 30 or more years of living to do after going through the menopause. All the more reason to get some menopause help and make the experience as positive as possible! 

Here are 4 things you can do straightaway to get you on your way to thriving in midlife.

1. Carve out a small window of pure relaxation in your day. It can be as little as 10 minutes but it will have a big effect. Stress has a known affect on hormone balance. The more you can do to relax, in whatever way suits you, the better. It is only when your body is in this state of relaxation that your natural healing and repair mechanisms are able to work. Healing of your hormonal system or any other system cannot take place when your body is in a state of stress and producing lots of cortisol and adrenaline.

2. Adjust your diet to meet your changing needs and ensure optimal health. This is where one to one personalised advice and recipes can help. For more detail on how I can help you see here  or to book an appointment email

3. Take a metabolic analysis test to assess your state of health. This test looks at gut health, brain chemicals that effect mood (neurotransmitters), energy function and some vitamins and minerals. It is available through a practitioner.

4. Exercise is also a good way of ridding the body of excess stress hormones. Any activity which encourages sweating is very beneficial since this will allow toxins to be expelled and will also give your hormone glands a work out. Exercise also increases flow of blood and oxygen which can boost energy levels and metabolism. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of walking per day in one session or in two bursts of 15 minutes is very effective for weight loss and health in general. It has to be at a brisk enough pace to raise your heart rate and make you sweaty though! Ambling along won’t have the same effect.