Fresh Ginger Tea

Fresh Ginger Tea


Make yourself a cup of fresh ginger tea


In 2012 a scientific study proved that fresh ginger prevented viruses sticking to the lining of the nose, throat and sinuses in the group of people studied. Note it was fresh ginger – dried ginger did not have the same effect. Just confirming the anti microbial and anti viral properties of ginger that herbalists have been telling us about for centuries then!

Ginger tea is a great, inexpensive therapeutic drink. You do need to drink it in the strength below which has quite an intense flavour! You can add peppermint or cayenne pepper if required and manuka honey (or pure stevia) if you crave sweetness. 

Simply juice a load of peeled, fresh ginger root (about 500–1000g), put 60g of it into a mug and add boiling water. Infuse for 5 minutes. Use a tea strainer if you don’t want the ginger bits after infusion. Or combine the hot water and ginger in a jug and sieve the liquid into a cup after infusing it. 

Drink the tea at the very first signs of a sneeze, sniffle or sore throat for maximum effectiveness! Drink 2–5 cups daily, spread over the day.

Store unused ginger juice/gratings in the fridge for a few days. You could freeze it in ice cube trays.