Fat Around the Middle

Fat around the middle nutritionist london


Putting on weight around the middle has got to be the number one complaint I hear about from women in their 40s. It seems nature hasn’t done us any favours here..

Fat tissue produces oestrogen so as oestrogen levels decline, the body builds up fat stores. And where are the fat stores? Around the abdomen because a drop in hormones makes us naturally more insulin resistant. And excess carbs get turned into abdominal fat!

You will have probably noticed that you need to do more to keep the weight off, than previously. It can be incredibly frustrating and I hear that frustration a lot.

One way to help with this is swapping regular pasta for spiralised courgette, carrot or sweet potato noodles. You can lightly steam these vegetable noodles if you like or just eat them raw. And summer is a good time to be eating raw veg.

When it comes to spiralising, you don’t need any fancy equipment. You can buy a hand held spiraliser for between £5 and £10 or use a potato peeler!

See my pasta without pasta recipes for ideas on what to do with vegetable noodles! You can also simply replace pasta noodles in any existing recipes you like!