Is this you?

  • You struggle to make lasting changes to your health and lifestyle
  • You are confused and overwhelmed by all the information on the internet and you need someone to show you step by step what is right for you
  • You already think you eat healthily but you don’t feel as well as you believe  you could
  • You would like insight into how food and nutrition can help YOU specifically feel better
  • You would like to stop wasting time and energy trying to figure it out for yourself
  • You have checked in with your GP but not felt any better afterwards
  • You know you need to change your diet but don’t know where to start

How I can help you

I will cut through the maze of health information with a clear strategy that is suited to you. No more wasted time navigating the net and ending up more stressed. Get clarity with a qualified and experienced practitioner who has your best interests at heart. I will listen carefully to your needs and deliver to you a tailor made programme which is super practical to follow. At each follow up I will support you to keep on track and adjust and update your programme as needed.

To book a consultation or my wellness programme, please call 07761 768 754 or email




  • 45 minute consultation via Skype.  Review your food, nutrition & supplements for your optimal wellness. Update yourself on the latest research regarding your specific issues. Written info provided where needed.



  • One hour consultation held at my clinic in Putney or via Skype or Zoom. 


  • Initial questionnaire & food diary
  • 1 hour initial face to face consultation held at my clinic in Putney . 3 x Follow up consultations by skype or zoom at approx 2 week intervals
  • Menu & supplement plans personalised to your need
  • Recipes to suit your needs
  • All advice delivered in bite sized actionable chunks that you can put into practice straight away
  • Empathic coaching, encouragement and support to stick to your plan
  • Step by step verbal & written instructions to avoid overwhelm 
  • Email support in between consultations if required, to keep you on track
  • Test plan as required
  • Advice tailored to YOUR needs only

A small investment for a big transformation! All appointments must be taken within 3 months of starting the programme.

Please call 07761 768 754 or email if you have any questions at all or would like make an appointment.

I highly recommend Penny Crowther. I feel so much better. I had tried following diets from books but it didn’t work.”

I would recommend Penny to everyone with my eyes closed, she helped me get my life back! For the first time I feel my age, and healthy, vibrant with oodles of energy and the weight just seems to melt off me.”