6 Ideas for Sparkling Alcohol Free Cocktails

Alcohol free cocktails Penny Cr owther Nutritionist London

if you’re cutting down on the booze or want a non alcoholic drink that’s a bit more interesting than fruit juice, look no further. Here is a collection of drinks without alcohol that you’ll love. Click on the titles to view and download the recipes.

Virgin Bloody Mary

This one packs a hot punch with tobasco sauce, tomato juice, tamari and lime.

Cucumber Mojito with Aloe

This is a lovely refreshing take on a traditional mojito with cucumber, lime, aloe, mint, sea salt & maple syrup. If you are sugar free, you can use stevia instead of maple syrup.

Green Coconut Ginger Juice

Coconut milk, fresh ginger, spinach and a twist of lime go into this super healthy blend.

Classic Virgin Sangria

This fruit sangria is based on cranberry juice and fresh berries and will be sure to impress if you have impromptu guests.

Raspberry Mojito

A winning combination of raspberries, mint, lime & sparkling water

Grapefruit & Thyme Sparkling Water

A simple and refreshing one to end with.  The thyme lends a subtle and interesting flavour to grapefruit and sparkling water.